Ponnani Harbour Dredged Material Purification Project

Availability of good quality sand for construction has been a burning issue in Kerala for last several years. On one hand, the brittle environmental balance of the state is threatened by illegal sand mining from rivers, at the same time, restrictions on sand mining results lack of Adequate availability of good quality sand which become the biggest hindrance to the growth of construction industry in the state.

In this scenario, Global Trading Company submitted a project proposal in front of the department of Ports, kerala, during the “Emerging Kerala” event in 2012. The proposal was unsolicited and innovative and it gained initiative in spotting an unidentified public need and provide solution for the same.

The project concept is to extract construction graded and quality sand from an average of 45000 MT of dredged material removed monthly from the navigation channels of ponnani fishing harbor as part of the regular maintenance dredging. This area is the mouth of the sea where the bharathapuzha river ends the flow.

After the studies conducted by the Directorate of Ports on the proposal, the Director of Ports recommended to the Government to proceed with the proposal. The proposal was scrutinized and underwent a feasitibility check by the state planning board and then a technical committee comprising experts from various departments was constituted by the government to approve the Detailed Project Reports.

The Technical Committee evaluated and approved the proposal and after considering the recommendations raised by the Finance Department, the Government of kerala issued order approving the Detailed Project Report and accorded sanction to go ahead with the tender formalities for the selection of implementing agency for the project on Swiss Challenge Method. At the end of the tendering process on swiss challenge method, Global Trading Company was selected by the Government of Kerala to implement the project. The Government ensures the supply of dredged material free of cost needed for the project. The project is to be commissioned and fully operational by February 2016.

Salient Features Of the Project

  • PPP model project in 65:35 revenue sharing, with 35% of payable to government of Kerala.
  • An innovative project considered to be first of it kind in India submitted by private sector participant on its own motion, that has innovation in technology that could result in increased value addition or revolutionary changes in products, services, and or processes.
  • Pilot project at Ponnani and later the project to be implemented to other ports in Kerala where regular maintenance dredging takes place.
  • From the dredged material, pebbles, lime stones, shells, other non degradable and biodegradable materials etc. is removed and the residual sand is purified using state of the art technology.
  • The project includes waste water treatment plant and slurry (eco friendly fertiliser) bagging unit.
  • Transparent processing and marketing arrangement devised by the directorate of ports.
  • The project reduces river sand mining operations in a larger way and is beneficial in getting good quality graded sand as the state is experiencing acute shortage of river sand.
  • Provides 2300 employment opportunities both directly and indirectly.


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