Oxide Related Products

dotAdmixture / Cement Water Reducer
   This product otherwise called as CWR, is used as water reducing agent and Plasticizer during manufacturing and curing of Paving / Interlock bricks. It ensures improved brick Strength and workability without increasing water content in the paving tiles. There are two types of CWR chemicals. CWR chemical, which is used in White cement along with the first mix, is called CWR 1st and the one which is used in Concrete mix along with the second mix, is called CWR 2nd. Even though both have got plasticizer effects, the raw materials and usage purpose is different from the curing point of view.
First chemical provides the required strength for the brick along with reducing the setting time, while the second chemical allows the brick to cure by maintaining the minimum required moisture content. Usage of both these chemical ensures Strength, brick finishing and faster de moulding.
GTC supply the following brands to our customers -
1st Chemical – Sikament VC, Sikament VC HE 20, Saransh CWR 1st
2nd Chemical – Plastocrete plus, Saransh CWR2nd.


dotTop coat / Polish
   Top coat is used as a decorative as well as a protective water repellent coating over the paving brick. It is a solvent based hi-grade protective coating, which is resistant to Carbon dioxide, Ultra Violet rays, extreme rain fall, Humidity, Heat, Freezing and Thawing. Top coat contains highly volatile solvents, having excellent wetting and penetration properties and adheres well to both absorbing substrates (concrete, stucco, masonry) and non absorbing ones (primed metals, plastics).
The dried film has excellent dirt repelling characteristics and resistant to ageing. Due to its glossy finish, it is used as a decorative coating. Before applying the top coat, the surface should be completely dry. Since this would be the final process in the manufacturing of bricks, customers would always demand the usage of best polishing material in order to ensure that the bricks shines and lasts forever.
With regard to top coat, we have partnered with the leading company in India in order to ensure that GTC supply you the best in class material at economic rates.

dotWater Proof Powder
   Water Proof Powder ensures that the manufactured bricks will not get drenched in water even after laying the tiles. Once water gets through the side ways of the brick after laying, it can damage the brick colour and later on it would affect the brick strength also.


dotOthers – Pigment colour paste, Soap Oil
   We provide Pigment paste for brighter and glossy finish tiles which can be mixed along with polish for applying on the brick. We also provide the related materials like soap oil for mould washing on request.


dotTechnical support
   As part of being a complete solution provider, our field sales staff would provide the required technical assistance on the manufacturing processes. We also provide the required professional guidance in terms of contacting the machinery / mould vendors as well as on the installation process. Our field staff support and technical advice ensure that our customers manufacture superior quality products at reasonable cost in the present competitive market. Thus our technical team ensures that both the customer and GTC get into long term relationship and business growth.